This article seeks to explore the Fatwas of Shiite faqihs(well-qualified religious authorities/experts on Islamic Jurisprudence) regarding digital currency such as Bitcoin so that Shiite believers know how to treat such a new phenomenon. As written contracts failed to meet the increasing public desire to establish mutually fruitful economic relations, the great product of the modern world i.e. E. Commerce was developed, following the […]

Now we discuss the most important topics about Islamic laws, its rules and regulations and their philosophy and most of the questions and answers are based on this. “Why should we pray Prayers is the question every person asks himself? Why should a person go for the pilgrimage of House of Allah? Why it is forbidden to take interest in […]

Prophet Jesus like many other Prophets had proved the authenticity of his mission by miracles he demonstrated with the Permission of God. The wonders performed by the Prophets that we call ‘Miracles’ are referred to in the Quran (3:49, 5:114) and the Bible (Act2:43) as ‘The Sign of God’, because it verifies and confirms the claim of the Prophets. Miracles also mean ‘Wonders’because they […]