Al-Mustafa University has international branches and affiliate schools, such as Islamic College of London, Indonesia Islamic college and Ghana Islamic College.

Al-Mustafa International University is a comprehensive educational institution that provides the enthusiasts from all over the world with the opportunity of studying the Islamic science and knowledge


Programs offered by the university are designed to clarify and expand Quranic and Islamic viewpoints. These programs are based on the standards set by Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology.


Al-Mustafa International University is a dynamic institute and outstanding among Islamic academic centers, inspiring, having scientific-religious orientation which has an effective and substantial presentation in knowledge-acquiring fields

Al-Mustafa University as an international academic, Islamic and Howzawi institute and an institute carrying the title of the blessing last prophet, Mohammad (s.a), has set the followings as its chief activities, i.e. fulfilling the needs of the thirsty for knowledge and disseminating Islamic teachings. The objectives of the university are: 1. Instructing jurists, researchers, teachers, disseminators and pious and committed Muslim thinkers 2. Clarifying and expanding the Quranic and Islamic viewpoints and disseminating Islamic theories, divine teachings and humanities knowledge

Al-Mustafa International University since 1979.