The BA Islamic Quran & Hadith is a level in which the students learn the specialized courses and over completion of the program will be awarded Bachelor’s degree in BA Islamic Theology.

Program’s General Objectives:

Educating lecturers and experts in Quran & Hadith related fields· Familiarizing students with the major Islamic ideological schools· Familiarizing students with the major Islamic texts· Persuading students to carry out related research· Preparing talented students to continue their education to upper educational levels

Educational Goals and Policies:

Preparing students for moral and spiritual growth· Having more attention toward Islamic teachings when developing curriculum and syllabus· Developing the skills of research, teaching, and dissemination through acquiring necessary requirements· Developing the skill of reading the theological texts in Arabic language· Familiarity with Islamic law and principles of Islamic jurisprudence (in line with the program) · Attention to the courses needed in different regions through allocating some of the courses to the needs of these regions.